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Uniquely Centered Therapeutic Service, LLC provides individual counseling to individuals with emotional and behavioral problems. Services will be provided by a licensed professional counselor to help individuals achieve insight and growth in areas of their lives. We commit to services being accessible, available, appropriate, and acceptable to the person served.


Our mission is to provide quality care in focusing on the person and what they can achieve, rather than the problem, disability, and/or condition. Uniquely Centered Therapeutic Services, LLC proudly believes that every individual possesses the potential to overcome their challenges to transform into their best version of self. 


Our vision is to provide quality leadership and counseling to the community that will uphold a strength based model in developing a balance between community and care in assisting with combating the struggles of mental health. 

  1. To provide therapeutic service to all clients.

  2. To assist with the prevention of severe effects due to mental health.

  3. To increase access to quality mental health to children, adults, and families.

  4. To provide continuous therapeutic services to reduce lapse in treatment.

  5. To build therapeutic relationships to enhance growth and change.

  6. To maintain the practice's compliance with certification, auditing, licensure and funding standards and regulations. This practice provides services to clients on the basis of least restrictive alternatives to not receive excessive services but only types and amounts of services that are necessary to ameliorate their mental health condition.

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